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Financial Advisor & Wealth Management Services

We can help you create greater financial planning and stability. We start by taking a "hands on" approach to tax preparation and wealth management. Then we use special tax and investing strategies to help get you there.

For years, as CPAs, we could see who makes money and who loses money in the stock market because, after all, we prepare all the tax returns. A thorough understanding of taxes, we believe, gives us an edge over other financial advisors. Taxes and investments are very interrelated.

We help our clients appreciate receiving practical suggestions, examples include, funding a traditional IRA by April 15th might double a tax refund, or postponing an investment sale a few days might trigger a much lower tax on capital gains.

As financial advisors, we help clients choose investments based on whether they're conservative, moderate or aggressive. We also help our clients to understand the Rule of 72 when considering the positives or negatives of an investment.

If you have any questions about your current financial situation or need help preparing your tax return, Email: or Telephone (941) 746-5600