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Wealth Management

Grow assets with professionally managed accounts. We offer diversified portfolios, a mix of stocks, bonds and other investments, and separately managed accounts for those needing equity and bond components.

Retirement Planning

Move old 401k accounts into Rollover IRAs with our guidance. We offer retirement accounts, like traditional and Roth IRAs, that will meet your retirement needs.

College Planning

Build a great future for your loved ones. Prepare for one of life’s biggest investments with our 529 and other college saving plans.

Tax Services

Put a CPA on your team. In addition to being financial advisors, we prepare tax returns and provide advice on IRS maters. We’ll help manage your affairs so tax season doesn’t seem daunting.

Financial Advisor and Wealth Management Services

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Jim Germer Financial Corporation is a comprehensive financial services and CPA firm providing wealth management services in Bradenton, FL. We are conveniently located in downtown Bradenton, Florida -- minutes from Sarasota, Palmetto and Lakewood Ranch.

One thing is for sure: Choosing a financial advisor isn’t easy today. Some advisors are too cautious. Others are financial amateurs.

Jim Germer, on the other hand, is a financial advisor with years of training and experience. Individuals, professionals, and business owners rely on Germer with the goal to invest wisely and build a financial future.

Germer is a registered representative with Cetera Financial Specialists, LLC a full service brokerage firm. Cetera is one of our nation’s fastest growing and most respected brokerage firms.

For more than 20 years, Jim Germer has been guiding clients to accomplish and pursue financial goals and dreams. Germer is proficient managing client portfolios, with proven investment strategies and techniques, in both good and bad markets. What’s more, Jim Germer has a sincere interest in people – clients always know he’s ready to help.

As a financial advisor, Germer works hard at protecting and improving his clients’ long-term financial future Germer, a certified public accountant, also prepares tax returns and provides advice on IRS matters. Jim Germer excels at advising clients through the complex maze of ever-changing tax laws.

Want to retire comfortably? “Optimizing Social Security benefits, budgeting health care, and not running out of money at retirement is, actually, quite doable,” says Jim Germer. “Receive advice, expertise, and the most appropriate long-term strategies from Cetera’s network of financial professionals, some of the industry’s most respected.”

“Sensible strategies and quality financial products keep clients prepared and protected -- no matter what the future brings,” says Germer. “History and experience show Implementing well-designed and prudent plans, to invest wisely, usually lead to financial security.”

You worked very hard for your money. Isn’t it time your money starts working hard for you? Stop obsessing about money, and start assessing promising investment opportunities. Explore special long-term strategies to turn savings into retirement income streams. Start investing for a secure, comfortable retirement.

Enjoy the best quality of life, for as long as you live, with a little luck and our financial guidance. Attain all the health, time, and money you need to focus on what matters most -- you and your loved ones.

Make this a turning point in your life. Build financial independence, and maintain the lifestyle you want, for as long as you live, with a little luck and our financial guidance. Email or call us at 941-746-5600 for a free initial, no obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Make smart investment decisions with our financial tools, insight, and guidance. We offer a wide range of investment options like mutual funds, ETFS, stocks, bonds, CDs and professionally managed accounts.


Individuals & Families

Whether you’re a party of one or six, Jim Germer Financial Corporation customizes your investment strategies to fit your current needs and future goals.


Business Owners

We believe small businesses are the backbone of America. At Jim Germer Financial Corporation, we do our utmost to help your business thrive.